OVERVIEW: Setting up my domain/email for blink.it

Only for:  Trainer-Professional and Enterprise

By default, your blink.it platform can be accessed via “https:// your-desired-name.blink.it” and platform emails are sent via app@your-desired-name.blink.it. We offer you the possibility to use your own domain and email address. In this article, we explain the steps to be taken to achieve this.

To link your domain and/or email service to your blink.it platform, changes must be made to the so-called DNS records of your domain provider, or new DNS records must be added. The domain provider (also called “registrar” or “hoster”) is usually the one with whom you have registered your domain or where you run your website (e.g., Strato, 1&1, Hosteurope, etc.).

To set up your domain and email, proceed with the following four steps:

  1. Select a domain
  2. Transferring DNS information
  3. Check and activate domain settings
  4. OPTIONAL: Check and activate email settings

1. Select a domain

Think about the name of your domain or subdomain for your blink.it platform. For example, if you want your blink.it platform to be available under “ academy,” the subdomain is “academy.your-domain.com.”

Follow these steps to add your desired subdomain to blink.it:

  1. On your platform: Select “Manage platform” at the top right, then “Domains.”
  2. Enter your desired (sub)domain in the field “Add domain”
  3. Confirm the input with the large [ + ] symbol
  4. The new domain appears in the list

2. Transferring DNS information

Select the yellow question mark at “App,” and a window with the domain setup information opens:

Here, you can see the corresponding DNS records (CNAME & TXT), which you now have to insert at your domain provider’s page to call blink.it from your desired domain.

Tip: Easy copying

With this button, you can copy the entries successively to your clipboard and paste them back into the input field of your domain provider’s page safely and comfortably;  it saves typing work and prevents typos.

optional: email setup

If you also want to set up your own email address, click on “Configure email for ” at the bottom of the Domain Settings window. It may take a few seconds before the settings show up

Now you will see the additional DNS records required for email delivery, which you now have to insert at your domain provider: 3x CNAME, 3x TXT & 1x MX.

If you are not sure how to insert your DNS records at your provider’s page, please contact the support of your provider or web admin.

3. Check and activate domain settings

Once you have made all DNS entries with your provider, we provide you with a simple and straightforward option to check the entries on the spot:

  • On your platform, press the button “Check settings” in the “Domain Settings” window under “App Forwarding.”
  • You will then receive direct feedback in two places: The symbol in the upper left corner (green checkmark means: correct!) and the message “The DNS settings are correct.”

Important: If your settings are not confirmed immediately, try again after a few minutes. The provider may need some time until the changes take effect.   

Once the settings are correct, select “Set as main domain” for your domain under “Domain & Email settings” in the “Main domain” column. Now, a green checkmark will appear at this point. Congratulations! You can now access your blink.it platform through your domain!

4. OPTIONAL: Check and activate email settings

A green checkmark in each email settings line indicates whether your DNS settings for email delivery are set correctly (3 x CNAME, 3 x TXT, and 1 x MX).  

If there is no green checkmark on one entry, please check the settings at your hosting provider or wait a few minutes and click the “Check settings” button again because the providers need time to update the DNS entries.

If your settings are correct, you can now configure your email settings on the “Domain & Email Settings” page in the “Email Sender Identity” section.

  1. Specify a sender name (If the field is empty).
  2. Under “Sender address,” select your domain by using the drop-down menu
  3. Add your “reply to” address, which is used when your participants reply to emails sent from the platform.
  4. Save your setting by clicking on “Apply email settings.”

Congratulations, you can now send from your very own email address!

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